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The Becker-Posner Blog
The Conscience of a Liberal (Krugman)
Robert Samuelson (Washington Post Columns)
Economist's View (Toma)
Free Exchange
Grasping Reality with Both Hands (Delong)
Greg Mankiw
Marginal Revolution (Cowen and Taborrok)
Maverecon (Buiter)
Real-Time Economics (WSJ)

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Dirty U.S. Coal Finds a Home in Europe
WSJ, 5/6/2014

Busting Insider Trading: As Pointless as Prohibition
WSJ, 4/28/2014

California Math Test (State Pensions)
WSJ, 4/11/2014

Listening to Medicare's Billing Data
WSJ, 4/11/2014

The '77 Cents on the Dollar' Myth About Women's Pay
WSJ, 4/8/2014

Obamacare:A Catastrophe Like No Other (Noonan)
WSJ, 4/3/2014

U.S. Corn Farmers Cut Back Plantings as Global Competition Grows
WSJ, 3/31/2014

Senate Passes 'Doc Fix' Legislation
WSJ, 3/31/2014

Food Prices Surge as Drought Exacts a High Toll on Crops
WSJ, 3/18/2014

Air pollution in Sharjah as toxic as in Beijing, survey shows
The National, 3/3/2014

As World's Kids Get Fatter, Doctors Turn to the Knife
WSJ, 2/14/2014

Who Benefits From a Higher Minimum Wage? (Blog)
WSJ, 2/12/2014

ECB Considers Negative Deposit Rate
WSJ, 2/12/2014

The Economist Who Exposed ObamaCare (Casey Mulligan)
WSJ, 2/7/2014

On the California Water Front (Water Policy)
WSJ, 1/26/2014

The Other Kind of Inequality (Social Inequality)
WSJ, 1/26/14

New Data Muddle Debate on Economic Mobility
WSJ, 1/23/2014

Cash for Kidneys: The Case for a Market for Organs
WSJ, 1/18/2014

The War Over Poverty (Krugman)
NYT, 1/9/2014

Pricey Beef Is Set to Test Appetites
WSJ, 1/3/2014

Fed Moves Toward New Tool for Setting Rates
WSJ, 12/10/13

ObamaCare Is Redistribution, Not Reform
WSJ, 1/3/2014

UAE firms accused of dumping cement in Oman
The National, 12/29/2013

As the Politics Play Out, Key Jobless Benefit Lapses
WSJ, 12/27/2013

Low Inflation Tests World's Central Banks
WSJ, 12/22/13

Is cash the most 'efficient' Christmas gift?
The Week, 12/22/13

A Hype-Free Way to Help Low-Wage Workers
WSJ, 12/20/2013

Draft law could be end of the line for Istanbul fishermen (Fishery Economics)
The National, 12/18/2013

ObamaCare's Troubles Are Only Beginning
WSJ, 12/15/2013

Sponge Giant 3M Fights Off an Upstart (Monopolistic Competition)
WSJ, 12/12/13

Pre-K Education Is a Long-Term Winner
WSJ, 12/09/2013

Jeff Bezos's Mysterious Amazon (Price Discrimination)
WSJ, 12/6/2013

In Fracking, Sand Is the New Gold
WSJ, 12/3/2013

Justice of the Latke (Stephanie Dietz)
WSJ, 12/03/2013

Better Pay Now (Krugman-Raise the Minimum Wage)
WSJ, 12/01/2013

OPEC Rift Emerging Over Iraq Output, Possible Return of Iran
WSJ, 11/29/2013

How the GOP Should Fix ObamaCare (Jenkins)
WSJ, 11/20/2013

Odds Lot: Statisticians Party Like It's 2.013 x 10 Cubed
WSJ, 11/18/2013

Finding Out Where Janet Yellen Stands
WSJ, 11/13/2013

ObamaCare Questions Nobody Asked
WSJ, 11/13/2013

The (Obamacare) Outrage Arrives
WSJ, 10/31/2013

A Tax Reform Plan that Both Parties Can Like (Kotlikoff and Goodman)
The Fiscal Times, 10/20/2013

Cheaper Sugar Sends Candy Makers Abroad
WSJ, 10/20/2013

Europe's Car Makers Spin Their Wheels
WSJ, 9/30/2013

D.C. Mayor Vetoes 'Living Wage' Bill
WSJ, 9/12/2013

Companies Unplug From the Electric Grid, Delivering a Jolt to Utilities
WSJ, 9/17/2013

Peterson and Hanushek: The Vital Link of Education and Prosperity
WSJ, 9/12/2013

Aging Population Makes 3% Growth a Tall Order
WSJ, 9/10/2013

Alan Blinder: Five Years Later, Financial Lessons Not Learned
WSJ, 9/10/2013

Financial Crisis: Lessons of the Rescue, A Drama in Five Acts
WSJ, 9/8/2013

The Efficiency of Social Pressure
WSJ, 9/5/2013

Greenhouse-Gas Fight Escalates
WSJ, 9/2/2013

Pipeline-Capacity Squeeze Reroutes Crude Oil
WSJ, 8/26/2013

Wonder Material (Graphene) Ignites Scientific Gold Rush
WSJ, 8/24/2013

The ObamaCare Prisoner's Dilemma
WSJ, 8/19/2013

Cotton Hit By Supply Concerns
WSJ, 8/13/2013

Take Back Your Pregnancy (Emily Oster)
WSJ, 8/10/2013

Inflation Ravages Syrian Consumers
WSJ, 8/7/2013

In Need of a New Hip, but Priced Out of the U.S.
NYT, 8/3/2013

Mistreating Ben Bernanke, the Man Who Saved the Economy
WSJ, 7/25/2013

Did Poor Math Skills Cause Subprime Meltdown?
WSJ, 6/24/2013

Stopping Bank Crises Before They Start
WSJ, 6/23/2013

Those 'Guest Workers' of the NBA and NHL
WSJ, 6/19/2013

Americans have record wealth, but aren’t spending it: Samuelson
Washington Post, 6/19/2013

Jenkins: The Young Won't Buy ObamaCare
WSJ, 6/19/2013

Professors Are About to Get an Online Education
WSJ, 6/2/2013

The Other Government Motors
WSJ, 5/23/2013

How to Cut a Job in Italy? Wait, and Wait Some More
WSJ, 5/20/2013

Real Culprit Behind Smaller Workforce: Age
WSJ, 4/29/2013

Companies Feel Pinch on Sales in Europe
WSJ, 4/28/2013

Tame Inflation to Keep Fed on Course
WSJ, 4/28/2013

I Paid for That Rooftop Seat (Wrigley Field)
WSJ, 4/28/2013

Economic Growth Stays Soft
WSJ, 4/26/2013

Economic Woes Abroad Bode Ill for the U.S.
WSJ, 4/21/2013

Spreadsheet Slips Not Economists' Only Problem
WSJ, 4/19/2013

Workers Stuck in Disability Stunt Economic Recovery
WSJ, 4/8/13

Reflections of a Medical Ex-Practitioner
WSJ, 4/8/2013

Payroll-Tax Rise, Not Sequester, Blamed for Jobs Weakness
WSJ, 4/5/2013

Noonan: A Statesman's Friendly Advice (Singapore)
WSJ, 4/6/2013

When Your Boss Makes You Pay For Being Fat
WSJ, 4/6/2013

The Golf Shot Heard Round the Academic World
WSJ, 4/5/2013

BOJ Launches Bold Plan to End Deflation
WSJ, 4/4/2013

Hawk vs. Dove: Fed Officials Face Off (Evans v. Lacker)
WSJ, 4/2/2013

Laffer and Moore: The Red-State Path to Prosperity
WSJ, 3/27/2013

The Choice: To Squawk or to Go? (Hirschman: Voice and Exit)
WSJ, 3/23/2013

Bjorn Lomborg: Green Cars Have a Dirty Little Secret
WSJ, 3/11/2013

Quiz: Who Counts as Unemployed?
WSJ, 3/8/2013

Cubs Draw Boos From the Rooftops (Coase/Externalities)
WSJ, 2/22/2013

Will Fed's 'Easy Money' Push Up Prices?
WSJ, 1/16/2013

Debating Unemployment Benefits’ Role in Long-Term Joblessness
WSJ, 1/11/2013

Krugman: The Big Fail (Recession Policy)
The State, 1/8/2013

Websites Vary Prices, Deals Based on Users' Information
WSJ, 12/24/2012

Wage Debate Takes the Stage (Minimum Wage)
WSJ, 12/23/2012

How Big Deficits Became the Norm
WSJ, 12/18/2012

Right to Work Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be (Jenkins, Wagner Act)

A Fed Bank President's Idea Comes to Life
WSJ, 12/13/2012

That Terrible Trillion (Deficit, Krugman)
NYT, 12/16/2012

Prescott and Ohanian: Taxes Are Much Higher Than You Think
WSJ, 12/11/12

States Sweeten Jet Makers' Pot (SC and Boeing)
WSJ, 12/11/2012

Are You Brilliant, or Lucky?
WSJ, 12/07/2012

Obama vs. Silicon Valley on Immigration
WSJ, 12/02/2012

Losing the Lawn—With City's Help
WSJ, 12/02/12

For Guar Gum, a Bubble Goes Pop
WSJ, 12/05/12

An Entitlement Reform Guide
WSJ, 12/02/2012

Why $16 Trillion Only Hints at the True U.S. Debt
WSJ, 11/26/2012

Cry Me A Tributary (Colorado River Common Resource)
WSJ, 11/22/12

Cisco Calls Patent Trolls Racketeers
WSJ, 11/11/2012

You Can't Fix a Hurricane With Climate Policy (Jenkins)
WSJ, 11/02/2012

Hug a Price Gouger (Jenkins/Post-Hurricane)
WSJ, 10/31/12

Young—and a Great Start (Family Finances and Common Resources)

Farmers Watching Their Water Use
WSJ, 10/29/2012

Michael Boskin: The Anatomy of Government Failure
WSJ, 10/25/2012

Krugman: Death by ideology
NYT, 10/18/2012

Roth, Shapley Win Nobel Economics Prize
WSJ, 10/15/2012


Kidney Swaps Seen as Way To Ease Donor Shortage
WSJ 10/15/2007

National Resident Matching Program

Krugman: Triumph of the wrong?
The State, 10/14/2012

Fishing for Trouble in Iceland (Common Resource Problem)
WSJ, 10/10/2012

Obama's October Non-Surprise (Jenkins, China and Wind Power Project)
WSJ, 10/10/2012

Gaming Obamacare: Mandates, Penalties, Open Enrollment
Heartlander (not dated)

Should There Be a Price on Carbon?
WSJ, 10/5/2012

Krugman: Romney’s sick joke
The State, 10/07/2012

Bernanke on Baseball: A Beacon for D.C. (Bernanke)
WSJ, 10/6/2012

Parched in the West but Shipping Water to China, Bale by Bale
WSJ, 10/05/2012

The Bureaucrat in Your Shower (Related to the article above)
Mises Daily, 1/1/2006

Fed’s Plosser: Economy Immune to Fed Stimulus Right Now
WSJ, 9/27/2012

EU Takes a Slap at Boeing Over U.S. Subsidies
WSJ, 9/27/2012

Portugal Backs Down on Social-Security Tax Hike
WSJ, 9/24/2012

Wal-Mart to Drop Amazon's Kindle
WSJ, 9/21/2012

Romney’s chance to challenge the welfare state
Washington Post, Samuelson, 9/19/2012

The Magnitude of the Mess We're In
WSJ, 9/16/2012

I Recycle (Boudreaux)
Boudreaux Web Site, No date

Fed to Buy More Bonds in Bid to Spur Economy
WSJ, 9/13/2012

The Day Health Insurance Died
WSJ, 9/12/2012

Gramm and Taylor: The Hidden Costs of Monetary Easing
WSJ, 9/12/2012

Cleaning Up the Economy (Krugman)
WSJ, 9/6/2012

Russia's Stance Pressures Wheat
WSJ, 8/31/2012

From Central Bank to Central Planner (Cochrane)
WSJ, 8/31/2012

Comfort Foods Are Most Popular Last Meals on Death Row
Cornell Daily Sun, 8/31/2012

AIG, Surprise Moneymaker (Jenkins)
WSJ, 8/31/2012

Reagan and Obama: A Tale of Two Recoveries (Phil Gramm)
WSJ, 8/29/2012

Martin Feldstein: Romney's Tax Plan Can Raise Revenue
WSJ, 8/28/2012

Soaring Food Prices Put Restaurants in a Bind
WSJ, 8/28/2012

Inflation Lessons (Krugman)
NYT, 8/25/2012

Apple Wins Big in Patent Case
WSJ, 8/25/2012

Buzz Kill: Europeans Cut Back on Coffee
WSJ, 8/23/2012

The Sunshine State's Rotten Tomato Fight With Mexico (Protectionism)
WSJ, 8/23/2012

Fed Minutes Put Pressure on Dollar (Interest Rates and Exchange Rates)
WSJ, 8/22/2012

Coburn: The Truth About Ryan and His Critics (Budget and Compromise)
WSJ, 8/23/2012

The Sunshine State's Rotten Tomato Fight With Mexico
WSJ, 8/22/2012

Brooks on Entitlement Spending
WSJ, 8/22/2012

Jenkins: GM Faces Its Own Regulatory Cliff (CAFE Standards)
WSJ, 8/22/2012

Austan Goolsbee: Mitt Romney's Tax Plan and the Middle Class
WSJ, 8/21/2012

Will: Apocalypse Not (Environmentalism and Recycling)
The State, 8/19/2012

The Death Cross (Rediculous Financial Advice)
Minyanville.com, 8/13/2012

Robert Barro: Ryan and the Fundamental Economic Debate
WSJ, 8/15/2012

A High-Tech Fix for Broken Schools
WSJ, 8/15/2012

John C. Goodman: Why the Doctor Can't See You
WSJ, 8/14/2012

New Toilet Technology After 150 Years of Waste
ABC News, 8/14/2012

Haley: Shared Sacrifice (Making Employees Pay for Health Insurance)

College Students Rejoice! Amazon Now Rents Textbooks, Too
San Francisco Chronicle, 8/07/2012

College Debt Hits Well-Off
WSJ, 8/9/2012

China's New Target: Batteries
WSJ, 8/9/2012

Our Big Fat Greek Habits (Jenkins)
WSJ, 8/7/2012

4 ways to cut college textbook costs
msn.money, 8/7/2012

Mandatory Recycling in Hampton NH
8/7/2012, Seacoastonline.com

Meals on Wheels (Chicago Restricts Mobile Food)
WSJ, 8/6/2012

Theses On Taxes
Krugman Blog, 8/6/2012

Gibson Guitar to Pay Fine Over Wood Imports
WSJ, 8/6/2012

Arthur Laffer: The Real 'Stimulus' Record
WSJ, 8/6/2012

SC Tax Free Weekend
The State, 8/4/2012

The Day Badminton Went Bad
WSJ, 8/2/2012

Drought Seen Boosting Food Prices
WSJ, 07/25/2012

Ethanol Makers' Long Hot Summer
WSJ, 07/26/2012

Ford's Trade-In: Truck to Use Aluminum in Place of Steel
WSJ, 07/26/2012

Glenn Hubbard: The Romney Plan for Economic Recovery
WSJ, 08/02/2012

Fixing the economy: Americans torn on government’s role
The State, 7/29/2012

For Creative Cities, the Sky Has Its Limit
WSJ, 7/28/2012

California Pushes Water-Tunnel Plan
WSJ, 7/26/2012

Haley Signs SC Retirement Bill
Channel 6 ABC, Augusta, 7/25/2012

Jenkins: Can Data Mining Stop the Killing?
WSJ, 7/25/2012

Apple v. Samsung: The Patent Trial of the Century
WSJ, 7/24/2012

Apple and Samsung Patent Suit Puts Judge Posner's Worldview on Trial
WSJ, 7/24/2012

How Bernanke Can Get Banks Lending Again (Blinder)
WSJ, 7/23/2012

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Budget* *But Were Afraid to Ask (Wessel Book Preview)
WSJ, 7/21/2012

U.S. Speeds Its Selloff of Bailout Securities
WSJ, 7/20/2012

Plotting a Securitization Sequel (Rental Housing)
WSJ, 7/19/2012

Tapping Technology to Keep Lid on Tuition
Massively Open Online Courses (Wessel)
WSJ, 07/18/2012

Reimportation of Prescription Drugs
America Blog, 7/12/2012

What's Wrong With the Federal Reserve? (Meltzer)
WSJ, 7/10/2012

Retirement bill to save billions, end shortfall
The State, 7/06/2012

Obama's United Auto Workers Bailout
WSJ, 6/14/2012

Foreigners Snap Up Properties in the U.S.
WSJ, 6/12/2012

Laffer and Moore: Obama's Real Spending Record
WSJ, 6/12/2012

Scoppe: How to fix the State Retirement Systems
The State, 5/30/2012

Jenkins: The Bain Ads Are About Spending
WSJ, 5/30/2012

Networks Built on Milliseconds
WSJ, 5/30/2012

A Fiscal Union Won't Fix the Euro Crisis
WSJ, 5/30/2012

Vulture Capitalism? Try Obama's Version (Strassel)
WSJ, 5/25/2012

A Tutorial for the President on 'Profit Maximization' (Rubin)
WSJ, 5/24/2012

Prostate Testing and the Death Panel
WSJ, 5/24/2012

Fed Pondering Why Inflation and Deflation Threats Ebbed
WSJ, 5/21/2012

Edward Lazear: Three Views of the 'Fiscal Cliff'
WSJ, 5/21/2012

Number of the Week: Using Big Macs to Compare Wages
WSJ, 05/01/2012

Europe, in Slump, Rethinks Austerity
WSJ, 05/01?2012

Education Is the Key to a Healthy Economy (Hanushek and Schultz)
WSJ, 5/1/2012

Education Slowdown Threatens U.S.
WSJ, 4/26,2012

Obama's Budget Means a Tax Increase on Everyone (Hubbard)
WSJ, 4/25/12

A Payroll Tax Cut Could Help Social Security (Biggs)
WSJ, 4/2512

Alan Blinder: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of (Health) Insurance
WSJ, 4/20/12

Jenkins: The Inequality Obsession
WSJ, 4/17/2012

Obama Calls for Stricter Oil-Market Curbs
WSJ, 4/17/2012

Consumer Price Rise Puts Fed in Quandary
WSJ, 4/16/2012

What's a 'Fair' Tax for the Mega Millionaires? (Lottery Winners)
WSJ, 4/112/2012

Peter Wallison: The Volcker Rule Is Fatally Flawed
WSJ, 4/11/2012

Bank Balance: Regulation and Innovation (Wessel)
WSJ, 4/6/2012

Jenkins: Sliming Pink Slime
WSJ, 4/7/2012

The Real Causes of Income Inequality (Gramm, McMillin)
WSJ, 4/6/2012

Providential Design (Rhode Island Medicaid Reform)
WSJ, 4/6/2012

Broccoli and bad faith (Health Care Mandate) (Krugman)
The State, 4/1/2012

Bernanke: Problems with Gold Standard (China and Dollar)
WSJ, 3/27/2012

Cancer Drugs Get Cheaper, in India (Price Discrimination)
WSJ, 3/25/12

Bernanke Goes Back to School
WSJ, 3/21/2012

Broadband Pricing by Usage
WSJ, 2/29/12

Conservatives and the Mandate (Jenkins on Health Care)
WSJ, 2/29/12

What's Right With Gas Prices (Jenkins)
WSJ, 2/25/12

Obama and Other People's Money (Rove)
WSJ, 2/16/12

Budget quagmire revealed by Social Security disability program
Washington Post, Samuelson, 2/12/12

How Class Warfare Begins (Peter Funt) Funt Website  |  WSJ Website

The Real Trouble With the Birth-Control Mandate (Cochrane)
WSJ, 2/9/12

Bernanke's Imprint on Fed Not Easily Erased (Committee Decisiions)
WSJ 1/30/12

U.S. Economy Picks Up Steam (2.8% Growth)
WSJ, 1/28/12

Economics for the Long Run (Taylor)
WSJ, 1/25/12

How Green Became Obama's Albatross (Jenkins)
WSJ, 1/25/12

Behold the Taxpayer Behind the Tree (Jenkins on Bain Capital)
WSJ, 1/21/12

Rejecting the Keystone pipeline is an act of insanity (Samuelson)
Washington Post, 1/19/12

Four Deficit Myths and a Frightening Fact (Blinder)
WSJ, 1/19/12

The Truth About Bain and Jobs (Jenkins)
WSJ, 1/14/12

But the best antidote to foolish thinking about job creation is the work of economists Steven J. Davis and John Haltiwanger. Their painstaking research has revealed a side of America's dynamism that isn't always pretty. Between 1977 and 2005, years roughly overlapping Mr. Romney's business career, some 15% of all jobs were destroyed every year, even as total jobs grew by an average of 2% a year. Job creation and destruction are both relentless, the authors showed in paper after paper. The small difference between the two is what we call prosperity.

An Exit Strategy From the Euro
WSJ, 1/9/12

Rent Control Hits the Supreme Court
WSJ, 1/4/12

Fed Will Detail Rate Plans, Easing Market Guesswork
WSJ, 1/3/12

Economists React: Fed Moves to ‘Alleviate Uncertainty’
WSJ, 1/2/12

Talent On the Move (Immigratrion)
WSJ, 12/28/2011

Physics Envy (Models Behaving Badly)
WSJ, 12/14/11

Mitt's Moment (Jenkins)
WSJ, 12/14/11

Global Warming and Adaptability
WSJ, 12/11/11

U.S. Nears Milestone: Net Fuel Exporter
WSJ, 12/7/11

Below 9% (Unemployment Falls and Labor Force Falls)
WSJ, 12/3/2011

How Regulators Herded Banks Into Trouble (Europe Crisis)
WSJ, 12/3/2011

Serfing the Web: Sites Let People Farm Out Their Chores
WSJ, 11/28/11

Farmer Says: Hitch Your Wagons to Some 'Guar'
WSJ, 11/2511

It's Still Possible to Cut Spending: Here's How
WSJ, 11/23/11

A Short Econ Quiz for the Super Committee
WSJ, 11/15/11

Recession Fears Recede as Economy Grows 2.5%
WSJ, 10/30/11

How Harrisburg Borrowed Itself Into Bankruptcy
WSJ, 10/30/11

How the Death Tax Hurts the Poor (Landsburg)
WSJ, 10/30/11

Scoppe: Taxing Necessities
The State: 10/30/11 (See section on taxing food)

U.S. Economic Growth Accelerates
WSJ, 10/27/11

Obamacare Drops Long-Term Care
Newsmax, 10/14/11

Wall Street's Gullible Occupiers
WSJ, 10/12/11

A Nobel for Non-Keynesians
WSJ, 10/10/11

Politicians Are Threatening the Fed's Independence
WSJ, 9/29/11

Chicago Economics on Trial (Lucas Interview)
WSJ, 9/25/11

Barney Frank's Fed Packing Plan
WSJ, 9/20/11

Fannie and Freddie as Victims
WSJ, 9/9/11

Krugman on Gold
Blog 9/7/11

Fed Prepares to Act (New "Operation Twist")
WSJ, 9/8/11

Keynesian Economics vs. Regular Economics
WSJ, 8/24/11

Medicare Reform: Obama vs. Ryan (Taylor and Kessler)
WSJ, 8/17/11

The Folly of Economic Short-Termism
WSJ, 8/10/2011

Dissents Pose New Test for Bernanke
WSJ, 8/10/2011

Visa Pushing New Card Technology  (Network Effects)
WSJ, 8/9/2011

Markets Sink Then Soar After Fed Speaks
WSJ, 8/9/2011

A New Strategy for Economic Growth (Jeb Bush and Kevin Warsh)
WSJ, 8/9/11

Why This Crisis Differs From the 2008 Version
WSJ, 8/9/2011

AIG Suit Against BofA Is Latest From Mortgage Meltdown
WSJ, 8/9/2011

How to Get That AAA Rating Back (Barro)
WSJ, 8/8/2011

Faye Dunnaway Rent Control
NYT, 8/3/2011

Robin Hood Can't Lead Us Out of the Debt Hole (Barro on Fiscal Reform)
WSJ, 7/26/11

Out of the Way, Please, Mr. President (Noonan on Fiscal Reform)
WSJ, 7/26/2011

Dearth of Demand Seen Behind Weak Hiring
WSJ, 7/19/11

Australia Sets Carbon-Pricing Regime
WSJ, 7/10/11

Worries Grow Over Jobs
WSJ 7/10/11

Fed’s Lacker: Central Bank Needs to Focus on Inflation, Not Jobs
WSJ, 7/4/11

Obama vs. ATMs: Why Technology Doesn't Destroy Jobs
(Roberts on Productivity)
WSJ, 6/21/11

The ObamaCare Bad News Continues
WSJ, 6/16/11

Why 70% Tax Rates Won't Work (Laffer Curve)
WSJ, 6/16/11

A Welfare State or a Start-Up Nation? (Meltzer on Productivity)
WSJ, 6/15/11

China Raises Bank Reserve Requirements
WSJ, 6/14/11

Future Oil Supplies Can Lower Prices Today
WSJ, 6/1/11

Facing Up to End of 'Easy Oil'
WSJ, 5/24/11

As Natural Gas Prices Fall, the Search Turns to Oil (Suppy: Oil v. Gas)
WSJ, 5/23/11

The Debt Ceiling Fiasco (Blinder)
WSJ, 5/19/11

Companies Rush to Borrow
WSJ, 5/18/11

Latest Housing Plunge
WSJ, 5/8/11

Barney Frank's Latest Bad Idea (Eliminate Fed Bank Presidents)
WSJ, 5/6/11

Interest on Reserves and on Excess Reserves:
Bloomberg Report 4/24/11
NY Fed Paper by Beck and Klee 12/2009

Obama's Silence on Boeing Is Unacceptable
WSJ, 4/29/11

The Gas Price Freakout
WSJ, 4/28/11

U.S. Economy Slows
WSJ, 4/28/11

Labor Board Case Against Boeing Points to Fights to Come
NYT, 4/22/11

Bernanke to Open Up as Fed Embarks on Era of Glasnost
WSJ, 4/21/11

Shell Shock: Chinese Demand Reshapes U.S. Pecan Business
WSJ, 4/18/11

Political Overlords Shackle China's Monetary Mandarins
WSJ, 4/15/11

Argentina Fines More Economists Over Inflation Estimates
WSJ, 04/12/11

Fed Plays Down Inflation
WSJ, 4/12/11

Concerns Emerge as a Fed Rate Falls
WSJ, 4/7/11

Fed's Low Interest Rates Crack Retirees' Nest Eggs
WSJ, 4/4/11

GOP to Propose Cutting Spending by Over $4 Trillion in 10 Years
WSJ, 4/2/11

The GOP Path to Prosperity
WSJ, 4/4/11

What Price the Cloud? (Net-Neutralilty and Paying for Bandwidth)
WSJ, 3/9/11

China Logs Surprise Trade Deficit
WSJ, 3/10/2011

Deficit Proposal Picks Up New Allies
WSJ, 3/10/2011

Competition for Brides Fuels High China Savings
WSJ, 3/10/2011

Gold mine sparks green concerns
The State, 3/5/2011
Also see: Gold! It's $1,430 an ounce and waiting to be found in N.C.

Unions vs. the Right to Work
WSJ, 2/28/11

Washington's Equal Pay Obsession
WSJ, 11/16/2010

Krugman on Deficits
NYT, 2/17/2011

Still ‘Hootie’ to those he meets
The State, 1/30/2011

Amber Waves of Ethanol
WSJ, 1/22/2011

Behind Bars In Florida, Honey Buns Have A Special Currency
The Crime Report, 1/13/2011

Grading the Ivory Towers
WSJ, 1/10/11

Pentagon Must ‘Buy American,’ Barring Chinese Solar Panels
NYT, 1/10/10

Fed Chief Gets a Likely Backer
WSJ, 1/10/11

ObamaCare Repeal: GOP Should Be Careful What It Wishes For
WSJ, 1/8/11

Net Neutrality and the TV Wars
WSJ, 12/27/10

Confidentiality Cloaks Medicare Abuse
WSJ, 12/22/2010

Net Neutrality' Rules Set to Pass
WSJ, 12/21/10

Gotham's Savior, Beaten by Albany
WSJ, 12/10/10

Fed Adopts Political Tactics on Critics
NYT, 11/23/10

How to Shut Down Fannie and Freddie
WSJ, 11/11/10

House Afire (Foreclosure Paperwork Crisis)
WSJ, 10/27/2010

Fed Gears Up for Stimulus
WSJ, 10/27/2010

ObamaCare's Incentive to Drop Insurance
WSJ, 10/21/2010

A New Quandary for the Federal Reserve: Grappling With Low Inflation
NYT, 10/18/10

Fed Chief Gets Set to Apply Lessons of Japan's History
WSJ, 10/14/10

F.D.I.C. Outlines Path to Financial Repair
NYT, 10/14/2010

From Tea Party Advocates, Anger at the Federal Reserve
NYT, 10/11/10

The End of the Tunnel (Krugman)
NYT, 10/07/10

The Politics of Foreclosure
WSJ, 10/10/2010

Revolt of the Accountants
WSJ, 10/10/2010

Two Cheers for the New Bank Capital Standards (Blinder)
WSJ, 9/30/2010

Firefighters watch as home burns to the ground
WPSD, 9/29/2010

SC Health Insurers Cutting Coverage to Some Kids
The State, 9/24/2010

S.C. May Seek Settlement of Catawba Suit
Charlotte Observer, 9/1/2010

How Seniors Will Pay for ObamaCare
WSJ, 9/23/2010

Banks Pressed on Sour Home Loans
Investors in Pool of Securities Seek to Force Lenders to Buy Back or Modify Problem Mortgages
WSJ, 9/23/2010

Bernanke Says He Failed to See Financial Flaws
NYT, 9/2/2010

Bernanke Manages Expectations for Fed Role
NYT, 8/29/2010

You Paid What for That Flight?
WSJ, 8/26/10

Attacking Social Security (Krugman)
NYT, 8/15/2010

What's in the (Financial Regulation) Bill?

NYT on Financial Regulatory Reform

Geithner's Hollow 'Speed' Pledge to Business (Hubbard on Financial Regulation)
WSJ, 8/5/2010

Show Me ObamaCare (Missouri Vote)
WSJ, 8/5/2010

Fed Mulls Symbolic Shift (Buying bonds)
WSJ, 8/5/2010

Rewriting Fannie Mae History
WSJ, 8/3/2010

The Obama Agenda and the Enthusiasm Gap (Reich)
WSJ, 8/3/2010

Fat New World (Posner on Rational Obesity)
WSJ, 7/31/10

The Web's New Gold Mine: Your Secrets
WSJ, 7/31/10 (Also see How to Avoid the Prying Eyes)

The 2.4% Recovery
WSJ, 7/31/10

Financial Reform Law Highlights
CBS.com, 7/21/10

Fed in Hot Seat Again on Economic Stimulus
NYT, 7/21/2010

The Dodd-Frank Financial Fiasco (John Taylor)
WSJ, 6/30/10

Why Obamanomics Has Failed
WSJ, 6/30/10

Why Friedrich Hayek Is Making a Comeback (Russell Roberts)
WSJ, 6/28/10

U.S. Debt and the Greece Analogy (Greenspan)
WSJ, 6/17/10

The Value of Student Evaluations
Greg Mankiw Blog, 6/11/2010

Fifteen Economists Issue Crisis-Prevention Manual
NYT, 6/15, 2010

Government to the Economic Rescue
WSJ, 6/15/10

Politicizing the Fed (Congress seeks more control over the 12 regional banks.)
WSJ, 6/14/10

Pension Cuts Face Test in Colorado, Minnesota
WSJ, 6/11/10

Jobless Claims Jump, Leading Indicators Fall
WSJ, 5/20/10

Venezuela's Monetary Mayhem
WSJ, 5/17/10

Sewell Chan on Bernanke
Article   |   Interactive Bio   |   A Bernanke Bibliography

The Fed's Monetary Dissident (Hoenig)
WSJ, 5/15/10

What’s wrong with price gouging?
Boston Globe, 5/4/10

Did a Big Bet Help Trigger 'Black Swan' Stock Swoon?
WSJ, 5/11/10

A Primer on the Fed’s Swap Lines With Europe
WSJ, 5/10/10, See
Related Paper

Bernanke, USC Commencement, On Happiness
WSJ, 5/9/2010

Fed Transcripts Stoke Debate on Rates
NYT, 5/4/2010

A Fannie Mae Political Reckoning
WSJ, 5/5/2010

What About Fan and Fred Reform?
WSJ, 5/04/10

U.S. Economy Expands 3.2%
WSJ, 4/30/2010

Obama to Nominate Three to Fed Board
WSJ, 4/29/10

Senators vs. Goldman
WSJ, 4/28/10

Earth Day - Paul Rubin
WSJ, 4/22/2010

Blinder on Financial Regulation
WSJ, 4/22/2010

Romer: ‘It’s Aggregate Demand, Stupid’
WSJ, 4/17/2010

Light At the End of the Bailout Tunnel
WSJ, 4/12/10

Beyond Bankruptcy And Bailouts (Sheila Bair)
WSJ, 4/4/2010

Employers Added Most Jobs in Three Years in March
WSJ, 4/2/2010

Factories Revive Economy
WSJ, 4/2/2010

Becker on ObamaCare
WSJ, 3/27/2010

Geely, Ford Ink Volvo Deal (Chinese buy Volvo)
WSJ, 3/28/2010

ObamaCare: What Democrats Voted For
WSJ, 3/25/2010

Phil Gramm on Health Care
WSJ, 3/25/2010

Fed Policy Outlook by Member (FedSpeak Highlights)
WSJ, 3/22/2010

Now, Can We Have Health-Care Reform?
WSJ, 3/24,2010

U.S. Urged to Keep Role in Mortgages (Geithner on Fannie and Freddie)
WSJ, 3/23/2010

Fed’s Yellen Plays Down Inflation Risks From Deficit
WSJ, 3/23/2010

Mankiw on Greenspan

Public Pension Deficits Are Worse Than You Think
WSJ, 3/21/2010

Factsheet: Senate Financial-Regulation Bill
WSJ, 3/15/10

For Banks, Change Is Coming
WSJ, 3/18/2010

Who is Janet Yellen?
WSJ, 3/17/2010

Hoenig on Hyperinflation (3/16/2010)

Fed to End Mortgage-Purchase Program
WSJ, 3/17/2010

Price Gap Puts Spice in Sugar-Quota Fight
WSJ, 3/16/2010

Health Care Proposals (House and Senate)
WSJ, 2/23/2010

Battle Inside Fed Rages Over Bank Regulation
WSJ, 3/8/2010

Portugal to Present New Budget-Cut Plan
WSJ, 3/8/2010

Japan Scrambles to Avoid Being the Next Greece
WSJ, 3/1/2010

Bernanke Says Deficit Action Is Key
WSJ, 2/26/2010

What a Disaster Looks Like
WSJ, 3/5/2010 (Noonan on Health Care)

Vice Chairman of Fed to Retire, Letting Obama Reshape Board
NYT, 3/2/10

Paul Krugman for Fed Vice Chairman?
WSJ, 3/2/10

ObamaCare at Ramming Speed (Price Controls)
WSJ 2/23/10

States Sink in Benefits Hole
WSJ, 2/18/10

What Happened to the 'Depression'?
WSJ, 8/31/09, Meltzer

Clients Flee Cerberus, Fallen Fund Titan
WSJ, 8/29/09

Until Medical Bills Do Us Part (Kristoff: Greedy People?)
NYT, 8/292009

Recession Finally Hits Down on the Farm
WSJ, 8/28/09

All Clunkered Out
WSJ, 8/23/09

Medicine is Working, but U.S. Economy Isn't Healthy Yet
WSJ, 8/13/09 (Wessel)

The Next Fannie Mae
WSJ, 8/11/09

Productivity Leaped in 2nd Quarter
WSJ, 8/11/2009

Job Cuts Outpace GDP Fall
WSJ, 7/23/2009

Bernanke Sees Slow Recovery as Skittish Consumers Cut Back
WSJ, 7/23/2009

Signs of Upturn in Inventories Remain Elusive
WSJ, 7/15/2009

The Massachusetts Health Mess
WSJ, 7/11/2009

Google Targets Microsoft's Turf
WSJ, 7/9/2009

Public Pensions Cook the Books
WSJ, 7/6/2009

Minimum-Wage Increase Comes at a Bad Time for Weakened Job Market
WSJ, 7/6/2009

The EPA Silences a Climate Skeptic 
WSJ, 7/3/2009

New Evidence on the Foreclosure Crisis (Stan Liebowitz)
WSJ, 2/3/2009

Fuel Standards Are Killing GM
WSJ, 7/2/2009

Euro-Zone Unemployment Hits 9.5% (Sweden and ECB Actions)
WSJ, 7/2/2009

Fissures Appear at the New York Fed (Dudley Appointment)
WSJ, 7/2/2009

Parsing the Health Reform Arguments
WSJ, 7/1/2009

Wary Banks Hobble Toxic-Asset Plan
WSJ, 6/29/09

Americans Are Saving More, Amid Rising Confidence
WSJ, 6/27/09

Frugal Shoppers Drive Grocers Back to Basics
WSJ, 6/24

Loan Redos Get Tangled in Thicket of Red Tape
WSJ, 6/17/09

Fed's Conundrum on Treasury Purchases (Rates Up or Down?)
WSJ, 6/15/09

Federal Intervention Pits 'Gets' vs. 'Get-Nots'
WSJ, 6/15/09

Risk vs. Executive Reward
WSJ, 6/15/09

Are Incentives Smart Business or Race to the Bottom?

Creditors Cry Foul at Chrysler Precedent 

The Less Educated Take the Worst Hit
WSJ, 6/6/09

Fed’s Yellen Now Favors 2% Inflation
WSJ, 6/5/09

Bernanke Urges Deficit Reduction
WSJ, 6/4/09

Eight Ways to Radically Remake the World (Eichengreen)
WSJ 6/3/09

States' Budget Woes Are Poised to Worsen 
WSJ, 6/3/09

Americans Get Even Thriftier as Fears Persist
WSJ, 6/2/09

Ann Arbor and Warren: A Tale of Two Economies
WSJ, 5/26/09

How to Fix the Financial System
WSJ, 5/26/09

Don't Monetize the Debt
WSJ, 5/23/09

Moral Hazard and the Meltdown
WSJ, 5/23/09

Officials Weigh Having One Mortgage Regulator
WSJ, 5/20/2009

A Reshaped Fed Is Likely to Gain Some Powers, Lose Others 
WSJ, 5/18/2009

BIS Report: Central Banks May Be on Cusp of Change
WSJ, 5/17/2009

Fed Signals Its Intention to Stay the Course
WSJ, 4/30

Good Government and Animal Spirits - Akerloff and Shiller
WSJ, 4/23

Fed Paying Interest on Reserves: an Old Idea With a New Urgency
WSJ, 4/29

A Look Inside Fed’s Balance Sheet — 4/23/09 Update
WSJ, 4/23

Oil Shock: Did High Oil Prices Cause the Recession?
WSJ, 4/22

For Fed, Big Test Will Be When to Turn Off the Money Pump
WSJ, 4/20

Crazy-Quilt Jobless Programs Help Some More Than Others
WSJ, 4/20

Bernanke Defends Financial Innovation, Calls for Transparency
WSJ 4/17

Fed Balance Sheet Asset Holdings Expand to $2.19 Trillion
WSJ, 4/16

Tax Refunds Give Boost to Consumer Spending
WSJ, 4/15/2009

Consumer Prices Dipped in March
WSJ, 4/15/2009

Jobless Rate Hits 8.5%

Weighing Furlough vs. Layoff

U.S. Budget Deficit for 2009 Nears $1 Trillion
WSJ, 4/10/2009

Signs Point to Stabilizing Economy
WSJ, 4/10/2009

Fed's Kohn Warns on Deflation's Risks
WSJ, 4/3/2009

Preventing 'Too Big to Fail' Isn't Easy
WSJ, 4/1/2009

Global Slump Seen Deepening
WSJ, 4/1/2009

In the Exurbs, the American Dream Is Up for Rent
WSJ, 3/31/2009

Fed's Gamble: Buying Long Bonds
WSJ, 3/19/2009

Hedge Funds May Get AIG Cash
WSJ, 3/18

U.S. to Toughen Finance Rules
WSJ, 3/16

Charlie Evans on Modeling Financial Shocks in Macroeconomics
Speech, 9/19/08

Bernanke Outlines Steps to Avoid Future Crises
WSJ, 3/10

Ten Questions for Those Fixing the Financial Mess
WSJ, 3/10

Mortgage Bailout to Aid 1 in 9 U.S. Homeowners
WSJ, 3/5/2009

Obama, Fed See Economy in Bleak Light
WSJ, 3/4

Shoppers' New Frugality Hurts Business
WSJ, 3/3

Bernanke Testimony Before Senate

'Bad Bank' Funding Plan Starts to Get Fleshed Out 
WSJ, 3/3

After Rate Cuts, What Next?
WSJ, 3/3

Prescott and Kehoe on the Recession
Bloomberg.com, 3/2

GDP Shrank 6.2% in 4th Quarter, Deeper Than First Thought
WSJ, 2/27

Obama Budget Pushes Sweeping Change
WSJ, 2/27

Treasury Sales Defy Deficits
WSJ, 2/27

U.S. to Take Big Citi Stake and Overhaul the Board
WSJ 2/27

Phelps and Prescott on the Stimulus and the Recession
The Week, 2/20

Stimulus Bill Table
WSJ 2/17/2009

Prescott on Recesssion

Next Challenge on Stimulus: Spending All That Money
WSJ 2/13/2009

How Government Created the Financial Crisis - John Taylor
WSJ, 2/9/2009

Firms Race To Regain Control Over Inventories
WSJ, 2/9/2009

No Dough in the Do-Re-Mi: Songwriters Take On the Recession
WSJ, 2/6/2009

Recession Job Losses Surpass Three Million
WSJ, 2/6/2009

Geithner: Speed Is Key to Recovery
WSJ, 2/4/2009

Stimulus Brings Out City Wish Lists: Neon for Vegas, Harleys for Shreveport
WSJ, 2/4/2009

Out of Office: Job Loss in the Age of Blogs and Twitter
WSJ, 2/3/2009

After Keynesian Macroeconomics
Kevin Hoover, Library of Economics and Liberty

Avoiding Japan's Stimulus Miscues
WSJ, 2/3/2009

In a Sole Revival, the Recession Gives Beleaguered Cobblers New Traction
WSJ, 2/3/2009

How Government Prolonged the Depression
WSJ, 2/2/2009

Economy Dives as Goods Pile Up
WSJ, 1/31/2009

Crisis Fuels Backlash on Trade
WSJ, 1/31/2009

Why Be a Nation of Mortgage Slaves?
WSJ, 1/31/2009

GDP Drops at 3.8% Rate as Spending Falls 
WSJ, 1/30/2009

A Layoff in the Smith Family Ripples Through Town
WSJ, 1/29/2009

Stimulus Bill Near $900 Billion
WSJ, 1/28/2009

Demint versus Glickman and comments from Tabarrok on the Great Depression and current economic policies.

Geithner Announces Stricter Lobbying Rules for Bailout

Three Economic Crises In One
By Robert Samuelson (RealClearPolitics.com), 1/26/2009

Britain Enters Recession 
WSJ, 1/23/2009

Fed Likely to Keep Focus on Rates, Loans 
WSJ, 1/23/2009

Political Interference Seen in Bank Bailout Decisions 
WSJ, 1/22/2009

Bill May Not Stimulate Jobs Right Away 
WSJ, 1,22,09

Fed Grapples With a New Risk Reality 
WSJ, 1/20/2009

Big Firms Deepen Job, Wage Cuts 
WSJ, 1/17/2009

Inflation in 2008 Slowest Since 1954
WSJ, 1/16/2009

Stimulus Package Unveiled 
WSJ, 1/16/2009

Economists Are Divided on Best Mix of Stimulus
WSJ, 1/15/2009

An 8.3% Deficit Is Plenty of Stimulus
WSJ, 1/14/2009

Surge in Protectionism Threatens to Deepen World-Wide Crisis
WSJ, 1/12/2009

Would You Pay $103,000 for This Arizona Fixer-Upper? 
WSJ, 1/3/2009

The Weekend That Wall Street Died
WSJ, 12/29/08

Bernanke Is the Best Stimulus Right Now - Robert Lucas
WSJ, 12/23

Bernanke's Fed, Echoing FDR, Pursues Ideas and Action 
WSJ, 12/15/2008

Retail Sales, Wholesale Prices Fall 
WSJ, 12/12/08

Debt Shows First Drop as Slump Squeezes Consumers 
WSJ, 12/12/08

ECB Policy Makers Reveal Divide Over Rate-Cut Plans
WSJ, 12/11/08

Outlook Darkens as Recession Deepens 
WSJ, 12/11/08

Lucas on the Recession
Speigel Online, 11/12/08

Bernanke Is Fighting the Last War
WSJ, 10/18/08

Escape Route: Seeking Refuge in an M.B.A. Program
WSJ, 10/14/08

An Exhausting War on Emissions
WSJ, 9/30/08

Fed Power Becoming More Concentrated in Washington
WSJ, 10/2/08

Mackerel Economics in Prison Leads to Appreciation for Oily Fillets
WSJ, 10/2/08

Rent Control Is the Real New York Scandal
WSJ, 9/19/08

Why the Gasoline Engine Isn't Going Away Any Time Soon
WSJ, 9/19/08

Best Buy Taps 'Prediction Market'
WSJ, 9/16/08

A New View On TV: Economists Probe the Data on Television Watching And Find It's Not All Bad; Better Test Scores?
WSJ, 9/06/08

Price-Fixing Makes Comeback After Supreme Court Ruling
WSJ, 8/18/08

FCC to Decide in Battle for TV Spectrum
WSJ, 8/18/08

Economists Expect 2008's Second Half To Be Worse Than First
WSJ, 8/11/08

Dollar Looks for More Gains This Week
WSJ, 8/11/08

Fed Holds Rate Amid Growth, Inflation Concerns
WSJ 8/6/2008

Strong Productivity Defies Trend And Gives Fed Room to Maneuver
WSJ, 8/4/2008

Exports, Stimulus Plan Prop Up Economy
WSJ, 8/1/08

Stimulus Program Is Working To Lift Spending, Study Says
WSJ, 7/30/08

Economists Weigh Possibility of a Recession Amid Economic Growth
WSJ, 7/28/08

Mishkin Valedictory Backs Inflation Target
WSJ, 7/28/08

The Economy: How Bad Can It Get?
WSJ, 7/20/2008

Inflation Now Enemy No. 1 for Fed
WSJ, 6/19/2008

That Stagflation Show
June 9, 2008

XM-Sirius: Still No End in Sight
WSJ, 5/8/08

Productivity Rises Amid U.S. Slowdown
WSJ, 5/8/2008

Fed Seeks Approval to Pay Interest to Banks
WSJ, 5/7/2008

Economy May Face Prolonged Pain, History Suggests
WSJ, 5/5/2008

Medical Specialties Hit by a Growing Pay Gap
WSJ, 5/5/2008

McCain on Gas Tax Suspension
WSJ, 4/28/2008

Surge in Natural-Gas Price Stoked by New Global Trade
WSJ, 4/18/08

Kohn on The Changing Business of Banking: Implications for Financial Stability and Lessons from Recent Market Turmoil

The Worst May Be Over, but...
WSJ, 4/17/2008

His Legacy Tarnished, Greenspan Goes on Defensive
WSJ, 4/8/2008

Next President Needs to Uncap Debate on Cost of Emissions Curbs
WSJ, 3/1708

Private Food Standards Gain Favor
WSJ, 3/11/08

Trade Gap Grows as Oil Costs Offset Export Strength
WSJ, 3/12

The Case for Foreclosures:
One family's sorrow is another's joy
Slate March 2008, By Steven E. Landsburg

Paulson Dismisses Mortgage Rescue Plans
WSJ 2/28/2008

Decline in Home Prices Accelerates
WSJ, 2/27/08

Bernanke Hints at More Rate Cuts Amid Multiple Economic Risks
WSJ, 2/27/2008

Durable-Goods Orders Tumble 5.3%
WSJ, 2/27/2008

Internet Wrecking Ball (Net Neutrality)
WSJ 2/25/2008

Amid 17-Year Boom, Australia Walks Fine Line With Rates
WSJ, 2/25/2008

Fears of Stagflation Return As Price Increases Gain Pace
WSJ, 2/21/2008

Decoding Candidates on Trade
WSJ, 2/21/2008

Bernanke Open to a Sizable Rate Cut
WSJ, 2/15/08

Inflation Jump Poses Dilemma for Rate Setters
WSJ 2/20/08

After Sony's Big Win for Blu-ray, It Must Now Convince Consumers
WSJ, 2/19/08

As Toshiba Surrenders, What's Next for DVDs?
WSJ, 2/18/08

That 'Stimulus' Nonsense
WSJ 12/13/08

Fed's Yellen Sees a 'Significant Threat' To Economy, Rejects Talk of Tightening
WSJ 12/13/08

The Investment Slowdown
WSJ, 12/14/08

Bush to Give Congress Fresh Economic Assessment
WSJ 2/11/08

Mounting Inflation Concerns Weigh on the Fed's Next Move
WSJ 02/08/08

Wholesale Inventories Build Up

Speech: Governor Frederic S. Mishkin
At the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, New York, New York
January 11, 2008
Monetary Policy Flexibility, Risk Management, and Financial Disruptions

My Nobel Moment (Global Warming)
WSJ 11/01/07

Americans Win Nobel Prize in Economics
WSJ 10/15/2007

Bernanke Speech: The Recent Financial Turmoil and its Economic and Policy Consequences 10/15/7

Kidney Swaps Seen as Way To Ease Donor Shortage
WSJ 10/15/2007
One Surgeon's Twist On Kidney Donations

Why Price Increases Are Brewing for Craft Beers
WSJ, 10/5/2007

Where Has All The Oil Gone?
WSJ 10/6/2007

Republicans Grow Skeptical On Free Trade
WSJ 10/04/07

Don't Drink the CAFE Kool-Aid
WSJ 9/6/2007

Housing Starts Fall to 10-Year Low Amid Slow Sales, Tightening Credit
WSJ, 8/16/07

Stubborn Inflation May Leave Fed on Hold
WSJ, 8/16/07

No Clear Comfort
WSJ, 8/15/07

Narrower Trade Gap Brightens Outlook for Growth
WSJ, 8/15/07

Markets Crisis Tests Resolve Of Fed, Officials
WSJ, 8/13/07

WSJ, See Entries for 8/13/07

Fed Enters Market To Tamp Down Rate
WSJ, 8/10/07

Central Banks Grapple With Rate Decisions As Markets Tumble
WSJ, 8/10/07

How Credit Got So Easy And Why It's Tightening
WSJ, 8/8/07

Markets Gyrate As Fed Straddles Inflation, Growth
WSJ, 8/8/07

Payrolls Growth Slowed in July As Unemployment Rate Rose
WSJ, 8/3/07

Productivity Questions Blur Economic Picture
WSJ, 8/2/07

Fed Keeps Its Focus on Inflation
WSJ, 8/2/07

Consumer Spending, Inflation Slow
WSJ, 7/31/07

Chicago Fed Names Evans President
WSJ, 7/31/07

China Growth Revs Faster, Escalating Policy Pressure

China Syndrome by Steve H. Hanke (Yuan Undervalued?)
Cato Institute,  5/9/2005

Zimbabwe: June Inflation 13 000 Percent
Zimbabwe Independent (Harare) 7/27/07
More on Zimbabwe 1 |  More on Zimbabwe 2

GDP Grew 3.4% in Second Quarter As Core Inflation Readings Eased
WSJ, 7/27/07

Housing Weakness Weighs On Auto Sector's Outlook
WSJ, 7/26/07

Bernanke Talks Jobs, Regulation On Second Day of Testimony
WSJ, 7/19/07

At Fed, Inflation Is Top Worry, Making Rate Cuts Unlikely
WSJ, 7/19/07

Paying for VIP Treatment in a Traffic Jam
WSJ, 6/21/07

Leading Indicators Suggest Growth
WSJ, 6/22/07

Fed to Focus on Clouds in Forecast, Though Core Inflation Has Eased
WSJ, 6/21/2007

Pressures Build in the U.S. Housing Market
WSJ, 6/27/07

Durable-Goods Orders Tumble 2.8%
WSJ, 6/27/07

In a Sea of Optimism, Why Some Forecasters Warn of Recession
WSJ, 6/25/07

Euro-Zone Officials Debate Tie Between Money Supply, Inflation
WSJ, 6/12/07

Google v. Microsoft: An Antitrust Battle for the Ages?
WSJ, 6/11/07

Google Intensifies Microsoft Fight
WSJ, 6/11/07

How HUD Mortgage Policy Fed The Crisis
By Carol D. Leonnig
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How Genentech Wins At Blockbuster Drugs
WSJ, 6/5/07

Why OPEC Idles As Gas Prices Reach New Highs
WSJ, 5/25/07

With Corn Prices Rising, Pigs Switch To Fatty Snacks
WSJ, 5/21/07

Supreme Court Rules for Baby Bells
WSJ, 5/21/07

Attention Pays
WSJ, 5/9/07

Amazon, IBM Settle Patent Dispute
WSJ, 5/9/07

Amazon to Sell Music Free of Copy Restrictions
WSJ, 5/16/07

Rail Operators Are Accused Of Colluding on Fuel Surcharges
WSJ, 5/14/07

Microsoft, Yahoo Reconsider Merger
WSJ, 5/4/2007

Thai Showdown Spotlights Threat to Drug Patents
WSJ 4/24/2007

Pound, Euro Emerge As Currency Kings
WSJ 4/18/2007

Lack of Well-Educated Workers Has Lots of Roots, No Quick Fix
WSJ 4/19/07

Overtures to Brazil Show Differing Ethanol Interests
WSJ 4/17/07

Paulson Visits China To Jawbone on Reform
WSJ, 3/7/2007

China May Ease Tether; Yuan Gains
WSJ 1/18/07

Putting a Value on the Yuan
WSJ 2/6/07

Why U.S. Economic Ills Aren't As Contagious as Thought
WSJ 4/13/07

Productivity Lull Might Signal Growth Is Easing
WSJ 3/31/07

Business-Investment Drop Stirs Worries
WSJ 3/29/07

Ethanol Creates A Pricing Puzzle For Corn Farmers
WSJ 3/29/07

Pain From Free Trade Spurs Second Thoughts
WSJ 3/28/07

Bernanke Expects Sustainable Growth, Doesn't See Subprime Turmoil Spreading
WSJ 3/28/07

Not Paying Organ Donors Denies a Lifeline to Millions of Patients
WSJ 3/27/07
Doing Well By Doing Good
WSJ 3/16/07

Netflix vs. Naysayers
WSJ 3/27/07

Fed Has Trouble Getting Across Nuanced Message
WSJ 3/27/07

Consumer Confidence Declines Amid Market Turmoil, Gas Prices
WSJ 3/27/07

Seeking Perfect Prices, CEO Tears Up the Rules
WSJ 3/27/07

When Price 'Fixing' Makes Sense (RPM)
WSJ 3/24/07

Africa's Poverty Trap
WSJ 3/23/07

Cotton May Fight Back
WSJ 3/20/07

Congress Must Make Clear Copyright Laws To Protect Consumers
WSJ 3/22/07

An Economist's Courtroom Bonanza
WSJ 3/19/07

Fed Opens the Door To Future Rate Cuts: Tightening Bias Is Gone
WSJ 3/22/07

Leading U.S. Indicators Fall, Pointing to Choppy Growth
WSJ 3/22/07

Google Gains on Goal of Controlling And Targeting TV Commercials
WSJ 3/10/07

More Kidneys for Transplants May Go to Young
WSJ 3/10/07

Ethanol Tariff Loophole Sparks a Boom in Caribbean
WSJ 3/2009/07

Kohn Defends Fed's Use Of Public Inflation Views
WSJ 3/2009/07

Slowing Productivity Growth, Higher Labor Costs Spur Fears
WSJ 3/7/07

Experts Warn Fed Risks Worse Inflation By Focusing Too Much on Expectations
WSJ 3/08/07

Ethanol Boom Fuels Brisk Sales of Midwest Farmland
WSJ 3/7/07

Why the U.S. Is Falling Behind on Plastic Recycling
WSJ 2/23/07

Wal-Mart to Start Selling HD Radios
WSJ 3/5/07

Drug Lobby Fights Import Proposal
WSJ 3/7/07

Don't Get Caught In a Losing Battle Over DVD Technology
WSJ 3/8/07

Sirius Business
WSJ 2/28/07

Policy Makers At Fed Rethink Inflation's Roots
WSJ 2/26/2007

Outlook for Growth Hinges On Inventories, Investment
WSJ 3/1/2007

Is an Economist Qualified To Solve Puzzle of Autism?
WSJ 2/27/07

Format Faceoff: Bringing the DVD War Home

Hoping to Overtake Its Rivals, Yahoo Stocks Up on Academics
WSJ 8/25/06

Stockholm's Syndrome
Hostages to Traffic, Swedes Will Vote on High-Tech Plan To Untangle Snarls With Tolls

Why Market Remedy Isn't Cure-All for Health
WSJ 9/14/06

In the Salad Aisle, Spinach's Pain Is Arugula's Gain
WSJ 9/29/06

Raise the Gas Tax
WSJ 10/20/06

On Energy and Ethanol Politics
WSJ 2/1/07

The Parking Fix
WSJ 2/3/07

Bernanke Calms Worries Over Rates (Senate Testimony)
WSJ 2/15/07

Sharp Drop in Housing Starts Adds To Fear of Wider Economic Impact
WSJ 2/17/07

Fed Suggests It Is Loosening Employment-Inflation Link
WSJ 2/16/07

Sirius and XM Agree to Merge, Despite Hurdles
WSJ 2/20/07

Bernanke Raises Prospect of 'Debt Spiral'
WSJ 1/19/07

Japan Consumption Data Show Weakness
WSJ 1/31/07

Fed's View: Steady but Set to Boost
WSJ 1/26/07

Rapid Plunge In Price of Oil May Fuel Growth
WSJ 1/11/07

Novel Way to Assess School Competition Stirs Academic Row
To Do So, Harvard Economist Counts Streams in Cities;
A Princetonian Takes Issue Charges and Countercharges
WSJ 10/24/05

Job Growth in Key States
WSJ 6/20/04

This Recovery Feels Like Recession: Economy Expands, Payrolls Shrink
WSJ, 05/29/03

So Much Information...
WSJ, 12/09/02

Why Some Pollsters' Findings Were So Wrong on Election Day
WSJ, 11/08/02

So Far, Steel Tariffs Do Little Of What President Envisioned
WSJ, 09/13/02

Consumers Have Been Prop For a Fragile U.S. Economy
WSJ, 09/04/02

On the West Coast, Tariffs Give Edge to Foreign Steel
WSJ, 08/23/02

Business Outlays Again Contract In a Further Threat to Recovery
WSJ, 08/21/02

Is U.S Farm Policy All Wrong? A Chorus of Critics Thinks So
WSJ, 08/19/02

Pulling Back the Veils Around Fed's Message
WSJ, 08/18/02

Leading Indicators Decline
WSJ, 08/19/02

That Shreddin' Fed
by Robert Auerbach
WSJ, Dec. 10, 2001

Microsoft Settlement
WSJ, Nov.2, 2001

Unemployment Jumps to 5.4%
WSJ, Nov. 2, 2001

Microsoft Settlement
WSJ, Nov. 1, 2001 

Greenspan Says It Is Too Soon to Gauge Effects of Terror Attacks on Economy
WSJ, Oct. 17, 2001

Mail Scares Bring New Blow To Productivity
WSJ, Oct. 17, 2001

Bin Laden Rumor Heightens Volatility in Currency Markets
WSJ, Oct. 11, 2001
The point of interest is that some market participants observed the actions of others, independent of the rumor, which spurred their subsequent actions.

Three Americans Win Nobel for Economics For Challenging Theory of Efficient Markets
WSJ, Oct. 11, 2001

Recycling is Garbage
John Tierney, NYT, 1996

WSJ Links Related to Terrorist Attacks

Fed Cuts Interest Rates a Half Point, But Its Powers Seem to Be Limited
WSJ, October 3, 2001

Is It Unpatriotic to Lay Off Workers When the Nation Faces a Crisis?
WSJ, October 2, 2001

FED WATCH: FOMC Policy Baton Passes To The Government
WSJ, Oct. 5, 2001

Bush Favors Tax Cuts in Stimulus Package While Democrats Promote Higher Spending
WSJ, Oct. 5, 2001

As Priorities Change, Some Question Why They Eschew the Fat
WSJ, October 5, 2001

The Fear Economy
Paul Krugman

Congress To Proceed With Stimulus Package
WSJ, October 4, 2001

Fed May Cut Interest Below Inflation Rate
WSJ, October 2, 2001

The Legal DNA of Good Economies
WSJ, September 6, David Wessel

Mossberg on Windows XP (WSJ 9/20/01)
Windows XP Review
Avoid MS Products
What Users Should Expect with Windows XP
Extra: Windows XP Questions

WSJ, July 30, 2001

FED WATCH: Greenspan Blows New Economy A Kiss
WSJ, July 25, 2001

MBA Professor Shortage
Audio Link to NPR
NPR, July 24, 2001

NPR on Opportunity Cost: Rx Drug Cost
All things Considered, NPR, July 23, 2001
Audio Link
Public Citizen Document

The Imperialism of Compassion
Steven Landsburg, WSJ, July 24, 2001

Greenspan Festimony
July 18, Federal Reserve Board

A Latin Tragedy
Paul Krugman, NYT, July 15, 2001

Economic Forecasting in Three Steps
WSJ, July 19, 2001

Fed's Ferguson Gets Senate Approval For New 14-Yr Term
WSJ, July 20, 2001

With Its Old Playbook, Microsoft Is Muscling Into New Web Markets
WSJ, June 29, 2001

Monopoly Finding Is Boon For Microsoft Opponents
WSJ, June 29, 2001

Ruling Sends Case to Lower Court, Denounces Judge Jackson's Findings
WSJ, June 29, 2001

Some Legal Experts Found Surprises In Microsoft Decision
WSJ, June 29, 2001

Washington Post Test Link 06/07/01

What Happened to the New Economy?
Remarks by Federal Reserve Governor Laurence H. Meyer
New York Association for Business Economics and The Downtown Economists 
June 6, 2001

Economists Agree: Bush Should Befriend Greenspan
WSJ December 14, 2000
by Jacob Schlesinger

Remarks by Roger Ferguson on the Economic Status of Minority Americans
Federal Reserve Speeches
September 15, 2000

Marginal Madness
WSJ Aug. 28

FOMC Watches the Market
Wall Street Journal, June 30, 2000

Fed Decides to Leave Rates Alone
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, June 29, 2000

How Greenspan Came to Terms with the Stock Market
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, May 8, 2000

Is Japan on the Brink of a Debt Crisis? The Risk Is Growing, and Here's Why
Barron's Online, February 28, 2000

Bag of High-Tech Tricks Helps To Keep Airlines Financially Afloat
Wall Street Journal, January 20, 2000

Fed Replaces 'Bias' Stance With an Outlook on 'Risks'
Wall Street Journal
January 20, 2000 

Competing Online, Drugstore Chains Virtually Undersell Themselves
Wall Street Journal, January 10, 2000

Clinton Renominates Greenspan To Fourth-Term as Fed Chief
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, January 4, 2000

Of Parties and Punchbowls, Part I
Of Parties and Punchbowls, Part II
Barron's, January 3, 2000

Read by 1/18/2000
Fed Watch: Jobs Data Seal 25 Basis Pt Hike, 50 Unlikely
Wall Street Journal Interactive Editions (Dow Jones Newswires)
January 7, 2000

Front Page
Wall Street Journal

Federal Reserve Monitor
Wall Street Journal, regularly updated.

The Making of Monetary Policy 
Remarks by Governor Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.
Before the East Hanover (N.J.) Area Chamber of Commerce, East Hanover, New
Jersey, June 10, 1999 
Federal Reserve Website

Alan Greenspan: A Wild and Crazy Guy
Wall Street Journal, September 14, 1999

New Challenges for Monetary Policy: The View from Jackson Hole
Remarks by Governor Laurence Meyer
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, October 13, 1999

Dollarization for Argentina? For Latin America?
By Mark Falcoff
Latin American Outlook, April 1999

Analysis of Monetary Policy Leads Economist to Win Nobel
Wall Street Journal, October 13, 1999

Will He or Won't He? Only Greenspan Knows For Sure -- That Is, If He's Made Up His Mind
Barron's Online, November 8, 1999

Will the Next FOMC Meeting Be More Like ''The Grinch Who Stole Xmas'' or ''Weekend at Alan's''?
Barron's Online, December 6, 1999

Fed to Revise Mode of Signaling Outlook for Economy, Rates
Wall Street Journal, December 13, 1999 

Fed's Minehan Says U.S. May Be Growing Beyond Potential
Dow Jones Newswires, December 13, 1999

The Price of Oil Has Doubled; Why Is There No Recession?
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, December 15, 1999
What Happens When Greenspan Is Gone?
By Ben S. Bernanke, Frederic S. Mishkin and Adam S. Posen
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, January 5, 2000

Best of the Recession

Financial Crisis: Lessons of the Rescue, A Drama in Five Acts
WSJ, 9/8/2013

Financial Crisis Amnesia (Geithner)
WSJ 3/2/12

The Meltdown Remains a Whodunit
WSJ, 1/18/12

The Fannie and Freddie Hate Storm (Jenkins)
WSJ, 12/28/2011

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Bye-bye, Keynes (Samuleson)
Washington Post, 12/20/11

Fed bashing gone wild (Samuelson)
Washington Post, 12/13/11

Bernanke's Legacy at Fed: Still a Lagging Indicator
WSJ, 12/13/11

Why Balance Sheet Expansion Need Not Be Inflationary
WSJ, 10/18/11

Stimulus and the Depression: The Untold Story (Cole and Ohanian)
WSJ, 9/26/11

Bernanke Takes On a Balancing Act
WSJ, 9/7/11

A Tale of Two Downgrades (Bllinder, 3 Dissent F)MC)
WSJ, 8/16/11

Basel's Capital Gang
WSJ, 6/29/11

Leisure Trumps Learning in Time-Use Survey
WSJ, 6/23/11

The GOP Myth of 'Job-Killing' Spending (Blinder)
WSJ, 6/21/11

As QE2 Nears End, Economists See Modest Achievement
WSJ, 6/17/11

Krugman Compendium
NYT, 6/13/2011

Fed Officials See Gradual Exit Plan
WSJ, 5/19/11

As Firms Rev Up, the Slack Tightens
WSJ, 5/18/11

The Fed After QE2
WSJ, 4/25/11

The Fed's A_Team (Todd's Committee)
Bloomberg, 2/17/11

Faces of the Home-Foreclosure Crisis
WSJ, 12/29/2010

Why the Spending Stimulus Failed
WSJ, 12/02/10

Fed Papers Show Breadth of Emergency Measures
NYT, 12/01/10

In Defense of Ben Bernanke
WSJ, 11/15/2010

Revolt of the Accountants (Noonan)
WSJ, 10/10/2010

Congress Approves Sweeping Financial Regulation Bill
Atlantic, 7/15/2010

A Tale of Two Recoveries (Recession is over)
WSJ, 9/21/2010

The Folly of Subsidizing Unemployment (Barro)
WSJ, 8/30/2010

Fed Ready to Dig Deeper to Aid Growth, Chief Says
NYT, 8/28/2010

Fed Split on Move to Bolster Sluggish Economy
WSJ, 8/24/2010

Obama's Economic Fish Stories (Boskin)
WSJ, 7/21/2010

Rousing the Spirits of Business to Create More Jobs (Wessel)
WSJ, 7/15/2010

Three Million Imaginary Jobs (Counterfactuals) 
WSJ, 7/15/2010

The Feckless Fed (Krugman on Delflation)
NYT, 7/11,2010

The Third Depression (Krugman)
NYT, 6/27/10

The Stimulus Evidence One Year On (Barro)
WSJ, 2/23/10

Behind AIG's Fall (Gorton)
WSJ, 2/23/10

Questions and Answers about the Financial Crisis (Gorton)
Prepared Congressional Testimony

Krugman on Stimulus: Part I   Part II   Part III   Part IV (Expected!)

Mankiw on Stimulus Part I   Part II

Rethinking the Bailout
WSJ, 2/17/10

It's Time for Financial Reform Plan C
WSJ, 2/15/10

Under Pressure: Bathers Duck Weak Shower Heads
WSJ, 11/13/2009

How Did Economists Get It So Wrong?
Krugman, NYT, 9/2/2009

What Happened to the 'Depression'?
WSJ, 8/31/09, Meltzer

Reflections on a Year of Crisis
Bernanke Speech 8/21/2009

Medicine is Working, but U.S. Economy Isn't Healthy Yet
WSJ, 8/13/09 (Wessel)

Wary Banks Hobble Toxic-Asset Plan
WSJ, 6/29/09

Federal Intervention Pits 'Gets' vs. 'Get-Nots'
WSJ, 6/15/09

Phelps and Prescott on the Stimulus and the Recession
The Week, 2/20/2009

New Evidence on the Foreclosure Crisis (Stan Liebowitz)
WSJ, 2/3/2009

Stimulus Bill Table
WSJ 2/17/2009

Would You Pay $103,000 for This Arizona Fixer-Upper? 
WSJ, 1/3/2009

The Weekend That Wall Street Died
WSJ, 12/29/08

Bernanke Is the Best Stimulus Right Now - Robert Lucas
WSJ, 12/23

Charlie Evans on Modeling Financial Shocks in Macroeconomics
Speech, 9/19/08

Bernanke Speech: The Recent Financial Turmoil and its Economic and Policy Consequences

Is an Economist Qualified To Solve Puzzle of Autism?
WSJ, 2/27/2007

Novel Way to Assess School Competition Stirs Academic Row
WSJ, 10/24/2005

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